Tom Puttemans

This is the homepage of Tom Puttemans, usually better known as “Glodenox” on the internet.

I would describe myself as a computer scientist, cyclist and a great fan of everything involving mobility.
But mostly I just try to be a down-to-earth person who likes to enjoy what the world has to offer.

I’m happy to be working at the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Social Security (KSZ-BCSS), the government institution to streamline the data exchanges between the several actors within the social security sector.

In my spare time, I do volunteering work at several locations. These are the projects I contribute the most to:

Waze Belgium-new-transparent

Global Champ at Waze

As one of the two coordinators of the Belgian Waze Community, I get to find solutions for the various challenges the Waze community in Belgium encounters. Though that is already challenging, I manage to find time to maintain several userscripts to improve the Waze map editor as well.

Logo of the CoderDojo movement that teaches children how to program for free.

Lead Coach CoderDojo Zemst

The worldwide movement of CoderDojo employs local volunteers such as me to teach children how to program computers or how to think logically. Every month since 2015 our local team of coaches been mentoring about 25 children, with great success!

Logo of the regional cycling association Fietsersbond.

Active member of Fietsersbond

Fietsersbond is the regional cycling association. The past few years I have been talking with local and regional road authorities to introduce improvements to the cycling infrastructure. Luckily, the local and regional governments already tend to be very supporting of cyclists.

Logo of local arts/theatre group ELEMENT

Local arts/theatre group

I help out as a technician in a local arts/theatre group called ELEMENT in Vilvoorde that focuses on the youth. Theatre plays are written, organized and executed completely by younger people. Personally, I contribute mostly to the lighting setup during plays although I've also been part of a play.